Intensity…. Where the magic happens!

Nucleus Training Blog #005 3/7/19 Intensity…where the magic happens! I was listening to a podcast and read a few articles lately about intensity and it made me think of a way to explain how we should be thinking of intensity in our training each day. Hope this helps!...

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Why the CrossFit Games Open is great for EVERYONE!

Nucleus Training Blog #004 2/21/19 Why the CrossFit Games Open is great for EVERYONE….   Last night I was inspired to share a few thoughts so I wrote this down.   We’re on the eve of the announcement for 19.1, week one of the CrossFit Games Open. I know...

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The Long Lost Treasure of Fitness #NucleusStrong

Nucleus Training Blog #003 2/20/19 The Long Lost Treasure of Fitness…#NucleusStrong   Awhile back we were using a hash tag #CFNstrong but we think #NucleusStrong is a bit more fitting these days. Admittedly, #NucleusStrong has absolutely nothing to do with how...

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Nucleus Technique Tuesday: Air Squat

Technique Tuesday #001 = The Air Squat Hey fitness community we are going to try something new. We are going to take some technique videos of some different movements we see in CrossFit along with other fitness programs we have at Nucleus and share a few pointers! It...

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Nutrition – Just say NO!

Nucleus Training Blog #002 2/4/19 Nutrition? Just say NO!   Full disclosure, I believe hiring a nutrition coach is a GREAT idea…however, I know a lot of us will never take that route for whatever reason. Depending on your goals I have a few strategies that help...

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Change the voice inside your head.

Nucleus Training Blog #001 – 1/30/2019 Change the voice inside your head.   I recently read two great books “The Invictus Mindset”and “Chasing Excellence”that got me really thinking and wanting to share what I absorbed. This isn’t quite a review of the books but...

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Welcome to the New CrossFit Nucleus Website

This is a sample blog post. Here we can tell you how happy we are to be taking our new website live. You can find workouts under the Blog Category by clicking on "Workouts." We try to post workouts at least a night before they are scheduled.

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