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10′ Dynamic warm up

Dynamic 10 Minutes CFN (No Measure)

(Coaches Choice)

2 Hard Minutes: Row, Run, Bike, SkiErg, DU’s, Burpees, etc.

Karaokee 2

Arms Up Lunge with Twists 2

High Knees 2 (dollar every step)

High Kicks 1

Quad Stretch 1

High Skips 2

Alternating Lateral Lunge 1 (squat into forward leg and straighten back leg)

Butt Kicks 1

Side Shuffles 2

Runs 2-4

10 of Each: Iron Cross, Scorpion, Rolling Sit-Ups, Push Ups, Burpees

– Arm Circles/Crosses, Wrist circles


Foam Roll Lats 2:00 Each side

Banded Ankle 2:00 Each Side


Metcon (Time)


Kipping Pull Ups

Box Jump Overs

HSPU/Strict – Pike

Burpees to pull up bar


Abmat Sit-Ups


Core Circuit – Coaches Choice