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Coaches Choice

+ Banded Hamstring

+ Yoga Shoulder Opener or Banded Chest stretch on Rig


4 Sets every 3 Minutes

(8) Deadlift

(8) Bench Press

*Take 2-3 ramp up sets each to build to a working weight that is Moderate and challenging but not so heavy it changes your movement. We are looking for GREAT technique with some touch and go Deadlifts and Bench Press, show control and move with focused intentions.

Deadlift (4 x 8)

Bench Press (4 x 8)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


25′ One Arm DB OH Walking Lunges 35-45/25-35

8 Lateral DB Burpees

25′ Lunges

8 Chest 2 Bar Pull ups

*If you feel like you are ready to butterfly go for it today, if it feels weird go back to kipping and get some good quality work in.

*Every 5 feet = 1 Rep in Lunges

*Use Right arm first 25′ then Left arm 2nd 25′ for Lunges. Front rack the DB if holding it OH doesn’t feel comfortable.

Cool Down/Stretch

Smash/Stretch 1:00 each

– quads

– Glutes

– Lats

– Forearms

– Low Back

– Chest/Front Delt

– Triceps