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*10′ Coaches Choice*

– Band pull aparts, inch worms, push ups



Bench Press 4 x 5

DB Back Rows 4 x 8/8

Bench Press (4 x 5)

Single Arm DB Row (4 x 8/8)

1 arm DB Back Row


1 Man Maker = Push Up, Left arm Row, Right Arm Row, Burpee into a db Cluster(Squat clean + Thruster), back to top of push up

**DB is in hands at all times**

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


5 – DB Man Makers

5 – Bar Muscle Ups

Accessory Work

4 sets: Hollow body hold/work AND/OR Side Plank hold/work

Cool Down/Stretch

2′ Yoga Shoulder opener each side

1′ Banded/Lat stretch on rig each side

1′ Couch stretch each side