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Quick Dynamic (No Measure)

400m Run/2 Minutes Cardio Coaches Choice.

(2) Carioca

(1)Spider Man Lunge w/Twists

(1)1Leg RDL

(1)Knee Hug into Hip Flexor Lunge

(1) Leg Kicks

(1) High Knees

(1) Butt Kicks

(1) Skipping Leg Kicks

(1) Lateral Lunges

(1) Walking Quad Stretch

10 – Kips on Pull Up Bar

10 – Rolling Sit-Ups

10/10 – Iron Cross

10/10 – Scorpions

10 – Push Ups

5 – Downward Dog to Cobra (1-2 Breaths each position

– Arm Circles and Wrist Circles

— Optional: Another 400m Run/ 2:00 Cardio (coaches Choice)


Burgener Warm Up (clean grip 4 reps)

– Down Up (hips and shoulders)

– Elbows high and outside (keep bar close)

– Muscle Clean (fast elbows)

– Front Squats (prime receiving position)

– High Hang Squat Cleans (open hips, shrug shoulders, get down fast)

– Squat Cleans from Knee (smooth, then fast)

Coach Up the Clean w/ light weight

– 1st Pull: floor to knees (vertical, keep back straight)

– 2nd Pull: knee to hips (close distance to bar, stay smooth, keep bar covered)

– 3rd Pull: Explosively extend hips and get under bar as fast as possible in a front squat

15′ EMOM – (1) Squat Clean

– Start at 50% and add 5-10lbs each round

– If you miss a clean then go down in weight and stay there the rest of the time

– There is 15 sets, don’t be a first 5 set hero. Think about where you want to end up and work back from there.

– sets 13,14,15 are where we are really testing our top end of the lift.

Squat Clean (1RM)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


20/17 Calorie Row

10 Lateral Bar Burpees

5 Power Cleans 155/105 (RX+ 185/135)

Accessory Work

Reverse Hypers 3 x 10

– Light weight, go all the way down to decompress the lower back.

Cool Down/Stretch

– Couch (:90 each side)

– Hurdler Hamstring Stretch (:90 each side)

– Lazy Pigeon (:90 each side)

– Lat stretch on Rig (:90 each side)

– Prone Shoulder Opener (:90 each side)

– Wrist Stretch (:45-:60)

— Add anything you need.