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*10 Minute Coaches Choice*

– Bench, Sprints, HSPUs, Jump Rope, Lunges


Bench Press

5 x 3 – Every 2 Minutes

Bench Press (5 x 3)


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

30-20-10 HSPUs

90-60-30 Double Unders

80′-80′-80′ 1-DB Front Rack Walking Lunges 70/50

*DB Front Rack Walking Lunges is done by holding a single DB with one hand on each side in the front rack position right under the chin. Keep torso upright, stomach braced and don’t let the weight move you! Fight for a good position and good posture the entire workout!!*

RX is ONLY completed with a Skull Matt, Abmats do not count unless it is 1 Abmat with a pair of Green 25lb bumpers on either side. Be honest and scale according to improve your “Fitness”

Accessory Work

Sled Sprints

4 sets of Down and Back

– Rest as needed

– Light weight and SPRINT down and back as FAST as you can!!

Cool Down/Stretch

Hump Day stretch!!!