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Coaches Choice

– Shoulder activation & Lat stretches


SKILL: Kipping Pull Ups & Butterfly Pull Ups

– Prerequisites: Strict pull up strength, control on pull up bar

– Set up, Execution, Common faults

– Shoulder initiation & control

– Hollow body/Superman

– Hip pops on floor/ hip pops on bar

– Horizontal pull versus Vertical pull

– Bench press away into Hollow body to begin the next rep


4 x 5-8 Kipping Pull ups, Every 1:30

DEMO Butterfly Pull Ups and quickly go over technique

– Those who are really good with Kipping can practice Butterfly for their 4 sets

Or 4 x 5+ Strict pull ups Band/Toe Assisted


Metcon (Time)

For time with 20 Minute Time Cap

1000m Row

40 Burpees over rower

500m Row

20 Burpees over rower

250m Row

10 Burpees over rower

250m Row

20 Burpees over rower

500m Row

40 Burpees over rower

1000m Row

50m = 1 rep

If you are not finished your score would be 20:XX

– Count the reps you had left to complete and put them in the seconds column.

Cool Down/Stretch

Stretch/Foam roll/Lacrosse Ball

– Shoulders, Lats, Chest, Arms