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5′ Coaches Choice Warm Up

+ W-Pull Aparts/red band

+ Scap Push Ups


Strict Gymnastics 2 parts:

Part A: Strict Pull Ups, 7 x 3 max weight

– every 90 seconds

Part B: Strict Ring Push Ups @21×1 (2 seconds down, 1 second at bottom, eXplode up, 1 second at top)

– 4 x 8-15 reps

– Every 90 Seconds

Strict Weighted Pull Ups (7 x 3)

Strict Weighted Pronated Grip Pull Ups

Strict Ring Push Ups (4 x 8+)

Strict Ring Push Ups. Hips and shoulders move up and down together and keep the body in a straight line.


5 sprints, shoot for each round being less then 3 minutes, maybe even less then 2 minutes. Go Fast and use the movements accordingly.

rest should be somewhere between 2-3 minutes each set

Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

5 sets/rest as needed

20/15 Calories on Bike

10 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24″/20″

5 Bar Muscle Ups

*Scale MUs > 3 reps or 5 C2B Kipping Pull Ups*

– Each round for time

Go as fast as you can from the beginning! SPRINT

Accessory Work

5 sets each:

5/5 1-Arm DB Push Press hold for 1 second at top of each rep

5/5 1-Arm DB Back Rows

— Maybe sneak in some Curls after and some abs….

Cool Down/Stretch