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Crossover Symmetry before class

8′ Coaches Choice warm up



– Banded Ankle

– Banded Shoulder opener on Rig

– T-Spine Foam roll


Coach up Snatch


Find a 1RM across 5 sets Squat OR Power Snatch

– Technique 5 x 3 every 2 minutes if you want or movement is new

– choose between Power or Squat which ever allows you to move the most amount of weight, have fun!

Snatch (5 x 1)

Power Snatch (5 x 1)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


21 Pull Ups – 50 Double Unders

15 T2B – 50 Double Unders

9 C2B Pull Ups – 50 Double Unders

*100 Single unders if you do not have double unders

Cool Down/Stretch

stretch it out and enjoy some Progenex to celebrate your Snatch PR!!