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5′ Coaches Choice Warm Up (DB Complex)

+ Sling Shot

+ Front Rack mobility


Front Squat – 14′

– Find 1 RM

(Next week starting a short 3 week Back Squat Cycle so last chance to test the Front Squat today)

Front Squat (1 rep max)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


4 Bar Muscle Ups

8 Front Rack Alternating Lunges

16 Calorie Row

** 4 Strict Chin Ups

**Use weight that is challenging but can be done unbroken every round, switch up from front rack to back rack or use DB’s as needed.

Accessory Work

Rest as needed: Try to keep it between :30-:60 rest though

3 x 8 DB RDLs

3 x 8 Hip Extensions on GHD (Slow and controlled)

3 x 10 Rebound Box Jumps (use height that allows you to rebound, even if it is just a few stacked plates)

Cool Down/Stretch