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mike-whetstone-imageWelcome to CrossFit Nucleus

At CrossFit Nucleus, you receive full access to professional guidance during every workout, top-of-the-line equipment, and amenities not seen at most CrossFit Gyms or CrossFit ‘Boxes.’

We are a community fueled by great people and hard work with fitness being the epicenter of what we do. We use proven methods to force our bodies to change so we get the results we desire. We constantly vary our workouts with fully functional movements so that our bodies never have a chance to adapt or plateau.

At our CrossFit gym, we focus on movement patterns first and foremost, so we can be more efficient during our daily routine and also keep us injury free. The results of proper functional movements that are constantly varied and executed at an individual’s level of high intensity are absolutely astounding and will be found at CrossFit Nucleus!

CrossFit Training

CrossFit helps you develop a "broad, general and inclusive fitness." By choosing our sport and physical tasks from a broad range of activities we seek to get you into the best overall physical shape achievable.

Personal Training


CrossFit Nucleus offers both class training and personal training led by skilled, certified CrossFit trainers who love working with you to help you achieve your personal best at all times.

Massage Therapy


Massage therapy helps you recover from working out and relieve everyday stress. We offer a range of massages, such as sports, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and neuromuscular therapy.