Nucleus Training Blog #004 2/21/19

Why the CrossFit Games Open is great for EVERYONE….


Last night I was inspired to share a few thoughts so I wrote this down.


We’re on the eve of the announcement for 19.1, week one of the CrossFit Games Open. I know there are a billion different reasons holding people back from signing up to test their fitness: I’ll have to scale it, I don’t like to compete, I’m just here for a workout, my range of motion sucks and can’t do any movements, I’m not ready for that, and I know exactly how you feel…. Trust me! As I sit here shaking in bed from either being too hot or too cold (my body can’t decide), my muscles and joints are as achy as they have ever been, I can’t breath in without coughing two or three times and I think to myself: It’s Here.


What’s here? My test is here.


I can do every movement that has been asked of me for the past 7 years, maybe not great but I could do enough to play the game. Each year I was exposed somewhere with something. 2012 it was Burpees and a sickness week 3, 2015 it was handstand push ups, 2017 it was burpee box jump overs, last year it was a time domain of “go as fast as you can”as well as “hang on for 20 minutes,”and this year it’s different once again! 2019 as early as week 1 it will be my ability to stay in the 5 week test knowing my first week won’t truly represent my hard work this year. It’s a mental test that most athletes will face this year. Can we handle not being able to do something, taking a big L, knowing and wanting to think we could do better! But on this Friday there will be nowhere to hide, maybe I rest until Monday but the test is still here. Adversity has shown up and now how do I deal with it?


Don’t get me wrong I love seeing people get their first double under, muscle up, or squat snatch but the true test of even those situations will always be adversity. To stare down the face of a challenge where you know in your heart success is not likely or even not possible at all, but you try it anyways! We become our future selves by how we react to the failures we encounter, not the successes! Celebrate the successes plenty then learn and grow from the failures. This is the truth about the Open for me. I’m sure there will be movements or certain workouts that expose holes in my fitness and those are honestly the movements I want to see most! A true opportunity to grow through a “failure”we know is coming. We will all face them so embrace them, love that you get to even be alive to join in this bigger then us event with a whole bunch of friends just trying to see where we are and get a little better!! At the end of these 5 weeks you will have a true vision of what you need to focus on in order to truly improve your overall fitness, don’t run from it. This annual test helps us stay focused on what is really important to help us continue to improve each year, month, week, and day. Competition or test, call it whatever you want but it will help you along your fitness journey that I promise!


Let’s put on our wrist straps, lace up our No Bulls, fill our hearts up with joy, and grow like crazy these next 5 weeks!!!

We got this Nucleus!!

– Mike Whetstone/Co-Owner-Coach