Massage Therapy

We currently have NO massage therapists but are looking for self motivated, entrepreneur types that would like a great opportunity to run their own business. Please email Mike Whetstone at with subject “Nucleus Massage Opportunity” if you are wanting to come in and discuss possibilities of a place to work!
– Must be licensed and carry your own insurance –


CrossFit Nucleus Massage has their own personal lobby and 3 large treatment rooms located immediately to the right of the gym entrance.  Clients and members have FREE access to the infrared sauna and showers. All appointments are booked by appointment only.




Massage Benefits

How can sports massage benefit you as an athlete:

  • boosts performance
  • improves soft tissue function
  • helps provide state of alertness
  • prevents injury
  • promotes healing
  • increases circulation
  • increases strength and agility
  • alleviates muscle tension, pain, and swelling
  • reduces muscles stiffness and fatigue
  • reduces muscles spasms
  • improves body awareness
  • increases range of motion and joint mobility
  • restores movement
  • allows hard training days back to back
  • *extends life of your sports career

Other ways massage can benefit you:

  • helps relieve depression and anxiety
  • helps relieve stress
  • calms the nervous system
  • enhances energy level
  • improves posture and body alignment
  • reduces migraines and relieve headaches
  • breaks down scar tissue
  • helps relieve plantar fasciitis pains
  • helps relieve arthritic pains
  • enhance immunity and stimulate lymph flow
    ..and much, much more.  Please talk to you massage therapist if you have any questions at all.