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Warm Up

Coaches Choice

– Band Ankle

– Calf stretch on Rig

Skill: Double Unders

:30 work/:30 rest skill progressions

1) Single Unders

2) Power jumps with/without rope

3)NO Rope, Power jumps with double hand tap on legs

4) Tempo: Single-Single-Double (tighten up tempo to S-D-S-D if you can)

5) AMRAP Double Unders

If you ever fall off and can not do the next step just regress and work on your current ability level.

Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM – 30 Minutes

1) 12/10 Calorie Bike

2) Rope Climbs :40

3) Double Unders :40

4) 12/10 Calorie SkiErg

5) Planks/Side Plank :40

If you have the ability to do more caloriesĀ on machines in :40 then do so, if you need to do fewer calories then do fewer. Make it YOUR emom