CrossFit Nucleus Swansea – CrossFit


Superset for Upper body Strength.

Single Arm DB Bench Press 5/5 reps

Strict Pull Ups 5 reps

Start each set every 3:00, use bands or toe assisted pull ups as needed.

– Neutral/Inside Grip on DB Bench

Seated Single Arm DB Press (5 x 5/5)

Strict Pull-Ups (5 x 5
– Add weight if you want more of a challenge or use bands if you need assistance. )

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

EMOM x 20:00

1) :45 Bike (Moderate pace)

2) MAX Ring/Bar Muscle Ups (:30)

3) :45 DUs/Drag DUs/XOvers (smooth)

4) MAX Hang Power Cleans (:30)

– 135/95(RX), 155/115(RX+)

5) REST – write down reps
Score is total reps of MUs and HPCs each round.

So you will have 4 scores total.