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Handstand Walk Practice 10:00

– Work on kicking up under control, work on walking, work on HS hold on wall shoulder taps/leg taps, Handstand holds on wall

*If kicking up to wall focus on making as little as noise as possible when your feet touch the wall, Control = better.

Handstand Walk (Max reps at 25′
Try to be unbroken.)

Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

Every 9:00 x 4 sets (36:00)

200m Run (sub 2:00)

20/17 Calorie Rower (1:00)

1000m/900m Bike (2:00)

75 Double Unders (1:00)

200m Run (sub 2:00)

Time for each round is score
**The goal is to be done around 8:00 every round.

*If you are a lightening fast runner or think you could start with a 400m run, or do both runs at 400m and still be around 8:00 each round go for it!

RX+ = 400m Runs (must be done under 8:30 each round)