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Handstand Walking. 10:00

Practice cartwheels, kick ups, hand shuffles, walking, or just Handstand Holds.

Being upside down is about control, work on being under control in anything you do.

Metcon (No Measure)

4:00 AMRAP at each station,

2 rounds each

24:00 total

Station 1:

300′ Sandbag Bear hug walk 100/50

20/16 Calorie SkiErg

Station 2:

5 Wall Walks

2-3 Rope Climbs

Station 3:

2/2 Turkish Get Ups 50/35 KB

4 Shuttle Runs (25’+25′ = 1)
*take your time on Turkish Get Ups, use KBs if you can.

Turkish Get up Set ups 5 on each side is a good substitute for those who can’t complete the entire movement.

*Use weight that doesn’t scare you but makes you work a little bit.