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Split Jerk (*light weight/technique day*
Empty Bar 2 x 4
– Pause in catch for :02 each rep
5 x 3 Split Jerks with :02 pause in the catch
– hit a set every 1:30 – )

In a 20 minute window you need to get warmed up AND finish the Split Jerks. Focus on getting some light weight quality reps, the Split Jerks should be a continuation of the warm up to where you have a few finish sets with some moderate weight.

Sets should happen quick keeping heart rate ramped up the entire time.

Metcon (No Measure)

40′ EMOM

Minute 1 & 2: 500/450m Row

Minute 3: 8-12 Burpee Box Step Overs

Minute 4: 2-4 Rope Climbs

Minute 5: 20-30 Drag Rope DUs (or 30-40 Crossover singles)

**Mix up the Jump ropes if you want**

– Drag rope DUs/Singles, DUs, Crossovers, Single foot jumps, etc…
*Row should take less than 2:00