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Jump Ropes:

Practice ANY type of jump rope you want.

4 x :45 Work/1:15 Rest

– Singles, 1 foot/alternating/reps and switch, Double Unders, Crossover Singles/doubles, Triple Unders, Power Jumps, Tempo Double Unders and Singles.

– If you can Knock out 75 Double Unders in a row try something else, or try to do Double-Single-Double-Single. It will help you maintain control in a more fatigued state during metcons.

Nucleus C2 Triathlon Time Priority (Distance)

Work for 3:00 on each machine, resting for 3:00 after each.
Bike, Row, Ski, Ski, Row, Bike
Goal is to get as many meters as possible added up together.
33 total minutes
For Distance: 3:00 Work/3:00 rest

1) C2 Bike (use any bike)

2) Row

3) SkiErg

4) SkiErg

5) Row

6) C2 Bike (use any bike)