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400m Run

(1)Spider Man Lunge w/Twists

(1)1Leg RDL w/High Kick

(1)Knee Hug into Hip Flexor Lunge

(2) Carioca

(1) Lateral Lunges


2 Rounds:

10 DBL KB Goblet Squats

10 T2B or Rolling Sit-Ups

10 Jumping Split Lunges


3RM Back Squats (20 Minutes)

– Fight for Good Positions every single Rep and Stay in Control!!!

– Tight Stomach, Knees out, Hips Down & Back, Drive up with a tall Chest!!

Back Squat (3RM)


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds:

25 Wall Balls 20/14

15 Power Snatch 95/65

5 Muscle Ups

*Rings = RX+

*Bar = RX

Bitch Work

4 Rounds Sled Push Down and Back

*rest as needed, try to keep it under 2 minutes*

-Use a challenging weight