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2016 Summer Dynamic Warm Up (No Measure)

2 Minutes Gym Runs

-1 Walking Knee Hugs On Toes

-1 Triangle Lunge with Twists

-1 1-Leg RDLs w/ Leg Kicks

-1 Alternating Laterl Lunges

-2 A-Skips

-1 Inchworms

-1 Elevated Walking Smason w/ Twist

-2 Carioca

-2 High Knees/Walking Quad Stretch

THEN – 10 Each

– Scorpions, -Rolling Sit-ups, -Arm Swings Forward/backward/across, -Bent over arm swings, -Alternating Glute Ham Bridge w/ Knee Hug, -Push Ups

THEN – 30 Seconds Each

– Dragon with arm reach

– Frog

– Puppy Dog


Single Arm DB Shoulder Press (5 x (8/8))

Press DB from neutral grip to pronated OH lockout. Do non-dominant hand first.
– Every 2 Minutes

-Keep Stomach and butt Squeezed the whole time

– Finished with Active shoulder over head


Ring Dips (strict as possible)

– Max Reps

– :30 work/:90 Rest

Ring Dips (3 x Max Reps)


A fun gymnastics Sprint Couplet!

– Move Fast and go for big sets!!

Metcon (Time)


HSPUs (Skull Mat is RX)

Pull Ups

Scaleing Options:

– Pike Push Ups, Push Ups (thighs never touch ground)

– Jumping Pull Ups, Ring Rows

Bitch Work

If you have time do this if you really want to work on your engine. Push your pace and use good technique!!

1500m Row (Time)

Row max effort for 1500m

Cool Down/Stretch