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200m Run

:30 DU’ Practice (technique or speed)

8 Kips on pull up bar (Fight to be active in shoulders and keep core tight in Hollow Body and Arc positions)

:40 HS Hold on Wall (put feet on box if needed but try to keep hips stacked over the shoulders stacked over the hands and core tight)

5/5 Pistols (Do Lunges if these are not an option for you)

15 Push Ups


1′ Each Stations x 3 Rounds (9′ total time)

1 – Plyometric Hops over PVC/Hurdles (bounce over 5-6 PVC pipes/Hurdles)

2 – Agility Ladder (Mix it up and think quick feet type drills)

3 – Work on High box Jumps (should get 2-4 High Box Jumps, try to go a bit higher each time)


Metcon (No Measure)

3 Rounds: :45 Work/:15 Transition (24′ Total Time)

1 – Double Unders

2 – Sled Push

3 – Ski Erg/Ball Slams

4 – REST

5 – Rope Climbs

6 – Farmers Carry (70/53)

7 – Bike

8 – REST

*No Measure, just do the work*

Cool Down/Stretch

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