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9 Minutes

:30 Each X 2 Rounds

– Jumping Jacks

– Down Dog Push Ups

– Rolling Sit-Ups

– Burpee + HIGH Jump

– Lateral Lunges

– Alternating 1-Leg RDL

– Alternating Quad Stretch


1:00 Hollow Body Hold

1:00 Superman Hold (alternating arms/legs if you want)


Metcon (Time)

For TIme:

200m Run (each round)

(24, 20, 16, 12) DB Snatch 50/35

200m Run (each round)

(24, 20, 16, 12) DB Goblet Squat 50/35

*Complete the appropriate reps for each movement through each of the 4 rounds and run 200m between each movement. Push the pace on the Runs and go smooth and unbroken with DB controlling the breathing!!


When you finish the metcon its time to “Bro” out a little 🙂

Bench Press 3RM (use 4-6 heavy sets, 2-3 ramp up sets)

– Rest as needed, think 2-3 minutes between sets

– feel free to stretch those legs from the metcon between sets

Bench Press (3RM)

Cool Down/Stretch