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10′ Dynamic Warm Up (No Measure)

10 Total Warm up minutes


2 HARD minutes on rower/Bike/SkiErg/Burpees to Pull up bar (focus on Technique)

(2) Carioca

(1) Leg Kicks

(1) Lunge With Twists

(1) High Skips

(1/1) High Knees/Butt Kicks

(1) Lateral Lunges

(1) Skipping Leg Kicks

THEN AMRAP for Remaining Time:

5 Rolling Sit Ups w/ Big Stretch

5 Downward dog to Strict Push Ups

5 Kips on Pull Up Bar

5 PVC Pass Throughs

5 PVC OH Squats

5 Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows


Metcon (No Measure)

5 Rounds, 1:00 each station, 25 Minutes total

1. DB Walking Lunges (35/20)

2. Rope Climbs (max Reps)

3. Small Sled Pulls (max Distance

4. Ski Erg (Max Calories)

5. Rest

*If you need to sub Sleds use Bike for max Calories or get some on turf and some outside.

*If you need more ski ergs, take turns doing a light ball slam 30/20lbs.

Accessory Work

Metcon (Distance)

4′ Max Distance Farmers Carry 70/53

(down and back from Rig to front of Turf is 80 feet)

*each mat is 4 feet wide

Cool Down/Stretch

Quads, hamstrings, glutes for sure!!! and anything else you want