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Metcon (No Measure)

30 Minute AMRAP

800m Run

30 Abmat Sit Ups

500m Row

30 V-Ups

100 DU’s

:45 Hollow Body Hold (accumulated)

(keep Shoulders off the ground and low back Pressed into the Floor, Don’t Cheat this!!!)


3 Minutes each side

– Lacrosse Ball on Glute/Hip Flexor


– Upper Back/Rear Delt


1:30 Pigeon each side


Practice these Skills:

HS Walking (if you can go for 5+ feet regularly)

IF you can not Walk on Hands you can practice…

:30 ACTIVE HS Holds


10 Reps Shoulder/Thigh Taps in HS on Wall

Mix it up and get a good 10 Minutes of work in.

Cool Down/Stretch

Stretch any muscles that are bothering you for remainder of time or in between your skill work sets! Extra Foam Rolling is also a good idea here but Static Stretching is best.