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3 steady rounds:

30 DUs

10 good mornings

10 push ups


Snatch position stretches (3x:15)

1:squatting quad

2:OH lockout

3: OH Squat


Quick burgener warm up

1:down up

2: elbows high and outside

3: muscle snatch

4: snatch drops w/lockout

5: snatch balance

6:high hang snatch w/pause in squat


Quickly build up to a heavy set of 3 on Deadlift 4 sets or less (6 minutes)


5×3 high hang snatch


– drop and reset

Deadlift (1×3)

High-Hang Snatch (5×3)


Sprint Intervals

– go as hard as you can every interval, MAX Effort!!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


200m Row

60 DUs(120 singles)

Rest :90