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500m Row in less then 2:20. If you don’t get to 500m in 2:20 then do 10 burpees over the rower. (Get the 500m done)


10 each movement:

Rolling Sit-ups, push ups, Scorpions, Iron Cross, Lunge with Twists, lateral Lunges, 1-Leg RDL, knee hugs


1 minute each:

Lat stretch on Rig

Chest stretch on Rig/BB

Skin the Cat

Calf/Achilles on Rig


Shoulder 2 Overhead

(S2OH) movement options and practice:

Strict Press>Push Press>Push Jerk>Split Jerk

Empty bar>light weight>WOD weight

For Metcon:

Move fast through S2OH, even if sets are small. Pick it back up and keep moving!!

Push it on the Runs, its ONLY 3 rounds!!!

Metcon (Time)

3 rounds for time:

21-15-9 S2OH (135/95)

400m Run after each set


Coaches choice AB circuit – “the works”

– just keep picking different ab exercises until the class is smoked 8-10 minutes.

Cool Down/Stretch

Repeat stretches from warm up, add anymore you wish. Hold for 1-2 minutes each hold!

– No one ever said “I wish I wouldn’t of stretched so much”