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5′ Coaches Choice Warm Up

+ Side Piller + Captain Morgan

+ Sling Shot


Back Squat

– Setup, Execution, Common Faults/fixes

– Practice Reps as class

– Then Build up to 3 Rep Max in 20 minutes

– Use Safety Arms and Spotter!!

– Get as heavy as you can while maintaining good technique!

Back Squat (3 rep max)


Metcon (No Measure)

10′ EMOM

1: 12 DB Thrusters 50/35

2: 60 Double Unders – 60 Single Unders

**No Measure but try to go Unbroken on both movements**

Accessory Work

3 supersets, rest as needed

5 Strict Shoulder Press

14 Alternating DB Lunges 35/25 (or whatever is not too hard)

*Just getting a little extra pressing and unilateral leg work, focus on PERFECT reps and don’t get too heavy*

Cool Down/Stretch

– Couch stretch, kneeling/seated hamstring, seated figure 4