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800m run


Coaches Choice to finish 12′ of total work


Metcon (No Measure)

FGB Style – 4 Rounds

5′ Work, 1′ Rest (20′ Total)

1- Assault Bike

2 – Double Unders/Plate Jumps

3 – Battle Ropes

4 – Box Jump Overs 24″/20″

5 – Push Ups

6 – Rest
Spend 1 Minute working at each station. Switch with no rest until the 1 minute of dedicated rest shows up.

Accessory Work

3 sets of (Down, Back, Down, Back) of SLOW Sled Walks 90/45lbs on sled

– try to make sure the whole foot is flat each step and drive through the heel as you walk

Cool Down/Stretch

Spend a solid 5 minutes minimum stretching large muscles! (this should be every day)