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Before class:

:60 Banded Hip Flexor each side

:60 Couch each side

:60 Spiderman Lunge Work each side

10′ Coaches Choice

– Rolling Sit-ups, maybe a few DU sets, lateral lunges, etc…


Back Squats

– Coach it up, empty bar sets

– Set up, Execution, Common Faults/Fixes

– 2 Ramp up sets of 5(or more) reps as class


3 x 10 reps, every 3 minutes get AHAP maintaining perfect reps/no missed lifts but push yourself

Back Squat (3 x 10)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


25ft Left Arm OH Walking Lunges 50/35

25ft Right Arm OH Walking Lunges 50/35


5 Kipping HSPU’s

** If you can not Do Strict HSPUs, do not KIP. Instead do 1 Arm DB Push Press 5 each arm twice

Example: Left arm 5 reps, Right arm 5 Reps, Left arm 5 reps, Right arm 5 reps, back to lunges

*Scoring: every 5 feet of lunges = 1 rep

Cool Down/Stretch

Foam Rolling:

:90 each quad/hip flexor

2:00 Anywhere on back from Traps all the way down to the Claves (find sticky spots and hang out there for :20 or so)


Couch Stretch :60 each side

Kneeling Hamstring :60 each side

Seated Low back twist :60 each side

Yoga Shoulder Opener :60 each side

Pigeon Stretch/Figure 4 Stretch :60 each side…

The more you stretch the better you will feel tomorrow I promise!! 10 minutes is great and if you have more spend a little more time

Add Progenex and Blonyx…. You will feel even better.

Focus on 4 seconds on every inhale and every exhale. DEEP, SLOW breathing will help get the most out of each stretch!!