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5′ Body weight Coaches Choice

+ Banded Shoulder Opener

+ Snatch Position Stretches


3 x 5 Snatch Grip BB Complex

(Deadlift, Behind neck Press, OH Squat)


Snatch/Power Snatch (shooters choice)

5 x 2 (drop and reset OR Touch and go)

– Every 2 Minutes

– Get heavy and use the lift that allows you to do so safely

The goal is to move some weight with your hips and be strong overhead!!

Snatch (5 x 2)

Power Snatch (5 x 2)


Option 1: Amanda (think 10 minute time cap)

Option 2: Amanda 45 (think 15 minute time cap)

Amanda (Time)

Snatch, 135#/95#

Amanda 45 (Time)


Muscle Ups

Squat Snatches 135/95

15′ Time Cap

(every rep not completed = 1 Second on the time over 15′)

Cool Down/Stretch

Puppy dog/Banded Shoulder Openr

Yoga shoulder opener/banded chest opener

Banded Hamstring

Banded Hip Flexor

Banded external hip/Figure 4 seated (Keep back straight and hinge at hip)/Double Pigeon

Seated Straddle

Low back twist