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CFN PVC (No Measure)

20 Burpees


2 Rounds:

7/7 – Leg Swings

7 – Passthroughs

7/7 – Torso Twists

7 – Good Mornings

7/7 – Side Bends

7 – Overhead Squats


20 Burpees


Battle Ropes: alternating waves (NO 2 hand Slams)

Sand Bag/Slam Ball: we have two sand bags if the light one is two light or heavy use a slam ball and do a “stone over shoulder” girls think about using the 40lb slam ball

Double Unders: Try your best to get one for the minute if you do not have them, if you have to put a few singles in between your doubles then try to do less singles in between.

Metcon (No Measure)

3 Rounds: 1:00 Work each station

– Sleds

– Bikes

– Rope Climbs

– Battle Ropes

– Sand Bag Cleans/Slam Ball over Shoulder

– Burpee Box Jumps 20″

– Ski Erg

– Double Unders

– Weighted Planks 35/25

REST 2:00, Start somewhere different next round.


3 Rounds:

Side Planks :30/:30

Side plank Star Fish 10/10

Cool Down/Stretch

Spend a SOLID 10 Minutes AT LEAST stretching even if that means skipping the Core and doing that at home later. Stretching is more important!!!