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5 Minutes Foam Roll

(Lats/Front Delts/Chest)


10 of each: Burpees, Push Ups, Rolling Sit-ups, Scorpions, Iron Cross, Lateral Lunges, Air Squats, Arm Swings, Torso Twists


2 Karaoke

2 A-Skips

2 High Knees/Butt Kicks

2 1-leg RDL (ostrich)

2 High Kicks

1 Long Jumps to Rig

10 Kips on Rig


Front Squat Technique

-Set up, Execution, 5 Empty Bar Reps


Front Squat 6×2@33X1

-Every 2 Minutes

Front Squat (6 x 2 @33X1)


9 Minute Ladder:

Scale accordingly to keep you moving for the whole 9 minutes, We don’t want really long breaks.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

9 Minute Ladder


Thrusters 135/95

Muscle Ups (rings if possible)

*score is Total reps completed.

Cash Out

3 sets not for time:

Max Strict Pull Ups/Negatives


5-10 GH Raises