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Coaches Choice: 400m Run, PVC work

Snatch Grip BB Complex: (3 rounds: 4 Reps each)

– RDLs, Hang Muscle Snatch, Press behind Neck, Overhead Squats


– T-Spine Mobility w/ foam roller and Barbell 2:00

– Superman Work 1:00 each side


Snatch – 25 Minutes of work

3PartPause,2PP,No Pause

a few working sets 1-3 Reps, every 1:30-2:00

*Opportunity to get a feel for the movement again, big technique day with a chance to move a little weight. This is not a PR day, it is a welcome back to the most complex barbell movement we do. So lets focus on how we move not how much we move today! This will be a good one!! 🙂

Snatch (3 x 2)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


7 Power Snatch 75/55

35 Double Unders

Cool Down/Stretch

Stretch/Smash 1:00 each

– quads

– lats

– low back (each side)

– Glutes (legs in figure 4)

– Hamstrings

– Lacrosse Ball front delt/pec