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Crossover Symmetry before class (5 reps each movement)

*10 minutes coaches choice*

-include band pull aparts, spiderman lunge, lateral lunge, inchworms, HS kick ups, hip flexor lunge stretch


2018 Regional Event 3 – Hard time cap 13′ so scale accordingly or see where you stack up if you have this skills this one demands.

2018 Regional Event 3 (Time)

For time w/ 13′ Time Cap

3 Rounds:

9 Ring Muscle Ups

50′ HS Walks

36-45-54 Pistol Squats

50′ HS Walk


– Burpee C2B Pull Ups = Muscle Ups

– 3 Wall Walks = 50′ HS Walk

– Single DB Front Rack Step Ups 50/35 = Pistols

If you cap every 10′ = 1 Rep in HS Walks so each 50′ piece is 5 reps. Score will be 13:00 + how every many reps you left on the table.


Back Squat 5 x 4

– Every 2 Minutes

– Add weight each set to get AHAP while maintaining good form

Back Squat (5 x 4)

Cool Down/Stretch

Coaches led stretch, this is important as we have another Regional workout tomorrow…. Hint: It’s a Sprint!!