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10 reps each:

Burpees, Rolling Sit-ups, Lateral lunges, Iron Cross, Scorpions, Push ups


3 Rounds of DB Complex (5 reps each)

– RDLs

– Hanging High Pull

– Muscle Snatch from shins

– Thrusters

– Bent over Rows

– Muscle Snatch from Shins

REST 45 Seconds each round


1. Foam Roll Lats (2 Minutes)

2. Foam Roll Chest/Front shoulder (2 Minutes)

3. Foam Roll Hip Flexor/IT Band (2 Minutes)


Front Squats

– Stance and Execution w/ PVC or Empty Bar


Front Squats 6 x 3

– No Belts, Oly Shoes, or Knee Wraps

(unless you have an injury)

– Goal is to have a technically clean lift every rep, yes get heavy but do not compromise form or rely on belts/shoes/wraps as your crutch. we will work Front Squats in next few weeks just get a good baseline of Excellent form here

Front Squat (6 x 3)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

13 Minute AMRAP

20 T2B – Knee Raises – VUps

20 Wall Balls 25/20lbs

20 DB Step Ups (35/25lbs to 20″)

20 Ring Rows

Cool Down/Stretch