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Before class: Foam roll/Lacrosse Ball T-Spine


5′ Coaches Choice Warm Up

+ Snatch Position Stretches

+ Snatch Grip BB Complex 3 x 5 (deadlift Press behind neck, OH Squat)


Snatch Complex – 5 sets – every 2 Minutes

(2) Snatch High Pulls + (2) Power/Squat Snatch

– Only catch Snatch in full squat if you have a comfortable OH Squat, if not catch it in a Power position and continue to improve your Overhead Squat with Mobility/Stability/whatever it takes before and after class

(2) Snatch High Pulls + (2) Snatch Power or Squat (5 sets)

(2) Snatch High Pulls + (2) Snatch Power or Squat


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for time:

600m Run

12 Power Cleans 135/95

6 Ring Muscle Ups/Bar Muscle Ups

*Use Strict Burpee chest to bar pull ups instead of muscle ups if you need to.

Accessory Work

3×10 DB RDLs


Ab Circuit (5-7 minutes of all the abs)

Cool Down/Stretch

Do yourslef a favor and give your Hamstrings and Low Back/Hips a little love

– Seated hamstring stretch/band hamstring

– Seated low back twist/supine twist

– Figure 4 hip opener/thread the needle/double pigeon stretch