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Before class

Foam Roll/Lacrosse Ball

– Glute/Hip

– low/upper back

– hamstrings/IT Band

– shoulders/chest

To START class:

500m Row



10 Good Mornings (45/35)

10 band pull aparts

10 push ups

10 rolling sit-up to straddle



– figure 4 stretch

– kneeling hamstring

– lat stretch on rig

– chest stretch on rig


Warm up to the Deadlift weight quickly.

Primer WOD:

2 rds: 3 reps each movement as fast as you can. Then rest 4-5 minutes and attack this metcon!

2016 Granite Games Qualifier WOD 3 (AMRAP – Reps)

12 Minute AMRAP

12 C2B Pull Ups

8 Deadlift 245/165

12 Handstand Push Ups

8 Deadlifts 245/165

Bitch Work

Run 800m x 2

rest 3 minutes

Run 400m x 4

rest 2 minutes

Run 200m x 6

rest 1 minute

Run Hard. Also, even though it’s not in the warm up, it’s smart to floss/smash your calves and ankles before and/or after the session

*modify/shorten as needed, the goal is maximum intensity. These are not designed to be slow jogs*

Cool Down/Stretch

– Lats

– Hamstrings/Glutes

– shoulders

– low back

– calves/achilles