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400m Run


1 Leg RDL w/ high kick

Spiderman Lunge w/ Twists

Low Skips

High Skips

High Knees

Skipping Leg Kicks

Butt Kicks

Lateral Lunges

20 Hinged forward skiing arms (straight back, tight core, and twist)

10 PVC Pass Throughs

10/10 PVC Halos

10/10 Scorpion

10/10 Iron Cross

10 Rolling Sit-Ups

10 Push Ups

5 Downward Dog w/ Cobra

10/10 Sling Shot

10 Band Pull Aparts (red)


Coach up Ring Dips and DB Snatches

– Ramp up weights/ a few warm up reps

In Regionals the Time cap was 6 minutes but we will go for 10 minutes today. Break up the Ring Dips Smart, Small sets!

2017 Regional Event 2 (Time)


DB Snatch 80/55

Ring Dips

6′ Time Cap


Heavy sets of 5 Thrusters (from rig or floor)

– shoot for at least 5 working sets

– dont be afraid to get heavy, NO Jerks

– Squeeze quads, stomach, butt and press after bar leaves the shoulders!

Thruster (5 x 5)


– Hollow body holds and Planks

– Side Planks

– Banded torso rotations anchored to the rig

Sure do some Biceps Curls too!!

Cool Down/Stretch

Stretch your Chest, shoulders, all that fun stuff!