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5′ Coaches Choice ( 3x :30 Jump Rope, :30 Gym Skips, :30 Burpees)

+ Snatch Position Stretches (3 x :10each)

– Snatch Grip BB Complex 3 x 5 each

( Deadlift, Press behind neck, OH Squat)


Snatch Work

(1) Snatch Pull/straight arms + (1) Power/Squat Snatch from Knees

7 sets, every 1:30

(only record your best snatch below, either Power or Squat)

– Focus on being patient and keeping arms straight for the Snatch pull/1st movement, then Let the bar get to your hips with straight arms before pulling yourself under the bar in the 2nd movement.

***Hips, Shoulders, High Elbows, then STRONG overhead position with HARD press into the bar upward once you are under the bar

Hang Snatch (7 x 1)

Hang Power Snatch (7 x 1)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


12/9 Calories Bike/Ski/Rower

9 Lateral bar burpees

6 Power Snatch 135/95

*Rower is last resort, you can share if you want too*

Cool Down/Stretch

Stretch it out: Hamstrings, Quads, Lats/Shoulders, hip flexors, groin, arms…. the works