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10 Minutes Coaches Choice

– Wall Balls, T2B


1: Perfect Squats/Wall Ball technique

– Get a few perfect reps in

2: T2B/Kipping Technique

– Get a few quality warm up reps/progression in

– Don’t overload with too much volume though


2018 Granite Games Qualifier Event 2 (Time)

12′ AMRAP Wall Balls (20lb/14lb) Toes 2 Bar

*Scale Hanging Knee Raises


3RM Deadlift

– Build up to a heavy 3 Rep Touch and Go Deadlift across 5 sets

– every 2:30

Deadlift (3RM)

Accessory Work

8′ EMOM (4 sets each)

1: Ring Muscle Ups (3-5+ Reps) OR Strict Ring Pull Ups/Toe Assisted Pull Ups

2: GH Raises (5-8 reps)

Cool Down/Stretch

– Couch

– Banded Hamstring

– Banded Hip Flexor

– Twisted Cross w/ Band