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800m Run (go light on the first 400 then pick it up if you can on the way back)

– Dynamic stuff until everyone finishes running


1 – T2B (quick review the 4 steps from last week)

2 – Rope Climbs

– J-Hook from seated position to standing

– climb 1 step up

3 – Tire Flips


We will have to share equipment and just work through this.

Metcon (No Measure)

30 Minute AMRAP:

400m Run

Heavy Suite case Carry (40′ Left – 40′ Right)

15 Slam Balls

3 Tire Flips w/ Box jumps in and out of the tire

1 Rope Climb (or 3 Back to feet climbs)

15 t2b
If the Tire/Grass is muddy and wet. SUB 135/95 Power Clean and Jerks 6 reps instead of 3 tire flips