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Weakness Warm Up??


6 Sets Every 90 seconds:

3 Gym Runs (down and back =1 gym run) As fast as possible (think 100-200m sprint, maybe not a 40 yard dash)

– run fast, be smart and don’t pull anything so ease into your “sprints” or “Hard Runs”


Rope Climb Skills

15 J-hooks from box to standing position (5 reps then switch until you get 15 total reps)

6 J-hooks + 1 climb with another J-hook (3 reps then switch)


3 Rounds: :40 work, :20 switch/rest

– Battle Ropes

– Slam Balls/Tire Flips

– Plate Runs/Jumps

– Bike

– DU’s

– Sled

– Alternating V-Ups

– HS Hold

– Wall Sit w/ plate on lap (25lbs?)

*No measure*

Cool Down/Stretch

foam roll anything that has been bothering you and stretch it