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3 Minutes Rower (go hard on last minute)

Matt Chan Warm Up+ (8-10 Minutes) (No Measure)

(25) Jumping Jacks – wrists behind back

(20) Jumping Jacks – arms forward/back

(5/5) Spiderman Lunge w/twist & point

(6/6) Lateral Lunge

(10/10) Speed Skater Arm Swings

(5…1) Wide Stance Walk out Push Ups

(30/30) Arm Circles-Small, Med, Large

(30 Seconds) Shoulder Twists

(10/10 Leg Swings

(5/5) Knee Hugs

(5/5) Ankle Lifts

(10) Sit-ups to Straddle


Empty Barbell Work 3 rounds 5 reps each

– RDL’s, Snatch Grip Press behind neck, OH Squats


Hit a Primer of 3 OH Squats then 3 Run Trips in the gym (twice)

Nancy (Time)

5 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats, 95# / 65#
Scale: Run with Rowing if weather is bad.

Sub Front Squats or Back Squats if OH Squats are not a “Metcon” tool for you just yet!!


If you finish Nancy with enough time in class lets load up and test our Front Squat Strength under fatigue.

– Focus on maintaining positions, Every 2 Minutes, Start whenever you are ready after Nancy.

5 sets x 3-5 Reps

– If you only have time for a few sets that is fine, just get in what you can!

Front Squat (5 x 3-5)

Cool Down/Stretch

Spend at least 5-6 Minutes hitting major muscle groups

– Couch (quads)

– Kneeling Hamstring (hamstring)

– Calf/Achilles – Low Dragon or use wall/rig

– Lats – Puppy dog or use Rig