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5′ Coaches Choice

– Reverse Snow Angles w/ 2.5lb – 5lb Plates (10 reps – Activation)

– Banded Elbow floss on the Rig ( Mobility)


High Hang Muscle Snatch

– This is mostly an upper body shoulder/upper back strength movement

– Use as little legs as possible and NO Power Snatches

– Use this to get stronger in your upper body and that means this weight will not be very heavy

2 x 5 Empty Bar Sets, focus on squeezing the quads and pressing weight straight over head

5 x 5, Every 2 Minutes

High Hang Muscle Snatch (5 x 5)

High Hang Muscle Snatch

– Upper body shoulder/upper back strength movement


Metcon (Weight)

Every 5 minutes for 25 minutes for MAX Load

500/450m Row

5 power Cleans AHAP

* you can drop and reset

* you can add weight as wanted each round

*In order for a Set to count you MUST hit ALL 5 Reps within the 5 minute allowed time.

Cool Down/Stretch