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3 Slow Rounds or 10 minutes.

15 Band Pull Aparts (red)

15 Narrow Grip OH Squats empty bar

15 Rolling sit-ups to straddle


Snatch Position Stretches 3x10seconds

1. Squatting Quad

2. OH Lockout

3. OH Squat hold


Overhead Squat (1RM)


Every 3 minutes, max strict HSPUs from skull mat for RX/yoga matt.

Handstand Push-ups (3 x Max strict reps )


Karen (Time)

For Time:
150 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# / 14#
20 minute Cap. Scale reps or weight as needed. Only full range of motion squat should click RX, be ready for a judge next time we retest all the lifts and Metcons from this week.

Cool Down/Stretch

1. Couch

2. Kneeling/seated hamstring

3. Frog

4. Seal

5. Puppy dog

6. Shoulder thread the needle

7. Leg thread the needle

8. Twisted cross/chest-shoulders

9. Saddle