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Spring 2016 (No Measure)

Move with a purpose and get sweaty!

10 minutes MAX

400-600m Run (3min)

Or – 3 minute Row/Bike

Karaokee 2

Spiderman lunge w/Twist-Twist 1

RDL w/high kick 1

High skips w/ reach 2

Side shuffle 2

Knee Hug/Ankle lift 1

High kicks 1

10 scorpions-10 iron cross-10 rolling situps-10 push ups-10 lateral lunges-5 russian baby makers

At 10 minutes do :30 max rep Burpees (focus on Tight Stomach!)

Sling Shot Warm Up (No Measure)

Stay low in an athletic stance and drive with knees, squeeze glutes, and enjoy the burn!

This will get the glutes firing to help move weight easier!

1-3 Rounds:

10 Forward Steps

10 Backward Steps

10 Side Steps Right

10 Side Steps Left

5 SLOW Squats w/ 1 second pause at the bottom


1. Banded Samson Stretch (1 Minute Each side)

2. Couch Stretch (1 Minute Each Side)

3. Puppy Dog/Lat Stretch on Barbell (1 Minute)

4. Skin the Cat on Barbell (1 Minute)


Find 1RM Back Squats

(5,3,3,1,1,1,1….) 15-20 Minutes

Find 1RM Push Press

(3,3,2,1,1,1,1…..) 10-15 Minutes.

(BE DONE by 45 Minutes After Hour)

Back Squat (Find 1RM)

Push Press (Find 1RM)


10 Minute Cap. Start 40-45 Minutes into Class.

Only hit RX if you use the right weight and do the Pull Ups to the standard (full arm lockout at bottom and chin over bar, No jumping pull ups for RX)

Scale As Needed:

Thrusters – Any Weight BB/DB

Pull Ups – Jumping, Ring Rows

Fran (Time)

Thrusters, 95# / 65#

Cool Down/Stretch

As a class stretch together!!!

1. Couch (1-2 Minutes each side)

2. Kneeling Hamstring (1-2 Minutes Each Side)

3. Twisted Cross (1 Minute Each Side)

4. Puppy Dog (1-2 Minutes)