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10′ MB Tennis, Spikeball, or Dodgeball


Handstand walking

1 – HS Holds (:30-:40)

2 – HS Hold w/ Shoulder/Leg taps (10-20 Reps)

3 – Kick ups in space with Partner/Walking Kick ups

4 – Handstand walk attempts for ONLY those prepared, Use Spotter as needed!!

-Then coach up around the worlds on 20″ Boxes-


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for time:

800m Run

2′ Max Distance HS Walk/100′ HS walk

– OR –

800m Run

4 Trips around the world Left

4 Trips around the world Right

Cool Down/Stretch

Do what ya gotta do! spend 10+ Minutes Stretching/Smashing