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5’ Coaches Choice

– Banded Bully on rig

– 2×10 Standing Front plate raise 15/10 (slow control, alternate rounds with a partner)


Strict Handstand Push Ups

5 x 4-10(max reps)

– add deficit if 10 is easy

– every 2 minutes

– Seated DB Shoulder Press (7-8 Reps) or add elevation to mats for head. Try to get more then just a slight elbow bend.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

22 minute AMRAP

25ft Left Arm OH DB Walking Lunges

15 Kipping Pull Ups

25ft Right Arm OH DB Walking Lunges

15/13 Calorie Row

*50/35lb DB is RX

*NO Butterfly Pull Ups

* every 5’ is 1 rep in lunges

Cool Down/Stretch