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Crossover Symmetry if you are early (Activation 5-6 reps each movement, 3-4 Minutes tops)

500m Row


10′ AMRAP of moving steadily warming up

8 Rolling Sit ups

8 Box Jumps – step down (squat jumps if you cant jump on box)

8 Push Ups

8 Band Pull Aparts

8 PVC Pass throughs

4 Strict Pull Ups (8 Strict Ring Rows)


Warm up Swings on Rings 2 x 3, hip to rings 2 x 3, Do a set of MU’s to warm it up 1-3 reps

Coach up burpee (load core, snap feet underneath to heels)

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds For Time:

7 Muscle Ups

21 Burpees

Rings = RX+

Bar = RX

Scaled 2x Kipping Pull Ups, Ring Rows

30′ Time Cap. Work on those Muscle Ups

Accessory Work

Strict Pull Up Strength work for the athletes that finish the Metcon with time left in class.

:Use any of the following, everyone starts with retractions though:

– Shoulder Retractions 2 x 5 (everyone)

– Partner Assisted or Feet on Floor Pull ups (if you can’t do strict pull ups on your own, 3 x 5)

– Negatives 3 x 3 @51×1 (5 seconds on way down, 1 second active shoulder retraction at bottom, jump to top, 1 second active hold with chin over bar then start the 5 second descend again)

– Strict Pull Ups 3 x 5+(max Reps)

– Weighted Strict Pull Ups (at least 3 Unbroken reps w/ added weight, 3-5 sets of 3+ reps)

Cool Down/Stretch

Spend 5-6+ Minutes stretching big muscles!!

– Start with your Lats and arms, they will need it!!